Hey All! I realized Adrianna and I get asked about ten questions every single time we tell our story, so I figured I’d put them here in case you don’t get the chance to speak with us face-to-face before we leave.

1. Where are you going? – Shenzhen, China, a city of 10-18 million right next to Hong Kong.

2. Are you with a program/is the program reputable/have you spoken with other participants? – We’re going through CTLC (go to chinaprogram.org), a very reputable program that partners with the Shenzhen education bureau to place English speaking teachers in primary-through high schools. We’ve spoken to lots of people that are returning to the program, and have received no real negative feedback.

3. What are you doing with Penley? – Adrianna’s parents have graciously opted to host Penley while Adrianna and I are away. He’ll be hanging with two of his ex-foster sisters, so he should have plenty of company. We’ll miss him tremendously.

4. How long will you be there? – We arrive on August 1st, 2013, and should be coming back by the end of June, 2014.

5. When/Where are you guys getting married? – We are getting married in New Orleans in September, 2014.

6. What grade will you teach? – We won’t find out exactly where or who we’re teaching until after we sign with an individual school in mid August.

7. What did you do with your stuff? – My mother has chosen to very graciously store our belongings in her basement. Thanks Susan! We really appreciate it.

8. What are you doing when you come back/Where will you live when you come back? We don’t know! We’re playing it by ear as far as that goes.

9. Why are you going to China? – The time for both of us was right. Stalled job prospects, minimal responsibilities, and my desire to go to China and learn Chinese meant that this opportunity struck at the right time.

10. How are you getting paid? – Our housing and utilities as well as some basic amenities are paid for by our school. On top of that, we’re getting 6300 RMB (about $1050 usd) a month each. We should be able to save most of that money so that when we do come back we can afford some stuff.

If you have any other questions, please let us know and I’ll put them up here/respond individually!