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Hi everybody! Adrianna here with a new update. Things in Kansas have been lovely recently. First: Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue. Mother of god. So delicious. I’ve been waiting since the last time I was in Kansas City (over a year ago) for this sandwich and it never disappoints. Yum.


Anyway, after all of our unpacking, we were finally able to have a little fun and hang out with some of Spenser’s friends and family. On July 3rd, we attempted to go see “As You Like It” as part of Shakespeare in the Park across the street from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (fantastic museum by the way). Unfortunately, thunderstorms popped up earlier in the evening and it was still pouring by the time we arrived. We tried to press on nonetheless but the rain was just too miserable for us to stay, so Spenser’s cousin Dave (who valiantly waited in the rain for hours to save us all seats) suggested we go to an outdoor gazebo and have a picnic instead. Despite the rain, we had a wonderful time eating delicious food, drinking wine, and chatting with the family.

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July fourth started off with a bang (HA! Actually, no. That’s an awful pun. Sorry). Our first stop was a party at the neighbor’s house across the way where we chatted with very nice people and ate a lot of food. Then we went to Celebration Park to watch Spenser’s high school’s Alumni Band perform super patriotic songs (AMERICA!) and, just as it was getting dark, we headed to “The Shop” for good old fashioned fireworks. We got a little carried away with the long exposure setting on my camera. Please enjoy these action shots:

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July fifth was also full of patriotism as we ventured out to Hillsdale Lake to go camping with Ben and even more friends. There were campfire songs, roasted marshmallows, more fireworks, PBR, and lots of good times. It was so much fun, I actually forgot to take a lot of pictures during the fun, so instead, here are some pictures I took this morning:

DSCN0893 DSCN0892 DSCN0889 DSCN0885

Penley really enjoyed camping and I think he’s thoroughly enjoying his time away from the big city. It makes him feel like a “real dog” and he even rolled in some chicken poop the other day to get that proper “country dog smell”. Perhaps he’s enjoying the country a little too much (don’t worry, he was promptly bathed after the incident).

Today, after we left the camp site, turned into a nice chill day. We went and saw World War Z (It was nothing like the book, but I’d still recommend it. It was quite entertaining.), had a tasty dinner courtesy of Sutton manning the grill like a boss, and now Spenser is currently napping in a food coma. After such a busy last two weeks, it still feels like we’re trying to catch up on sleep, but we need to appreciate the quiet times now before we experience all of the craziness that lies ahead.

Coming soon: Engagement/ Going Away Party and Moving to Oklahoma