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By Adrianna.

Sorry for the delay in blog posts. We’ve been busy and just enjoying our time in the Great Plains. In turn, here are some of the wonderful things about Oklahoma:


1. This lady.

She is my best friend and goes by the name of Kaylee. On our first night in town, she invited Spenser and I up to our friend Josh’s house in Guthrie. Fun fact! Guthrie was the first capital of Oklahoma and has a lot of historic parts of town (not super historic, like, since 1907 historic). We were promised a lovely night of gaming in a “blanket fort”, but we had no idea just how amazing this blanket fort would be.

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Oh. My. God. Look at it. Just look at that feat of blanket engineering.

We played Monopoly late into the night and Josh and I were declared winners since, like every game of Monopoly, it was going on for way too long and we just wanted it to end. It was a very fun night in the Blanket Fort of Guthrie at Josh’s house.

Later in the week, Kaylee and her family threw us an engagement party at her house and it was wonderful! Kaylee is a grill master and she cooked us steak, mushrooms, three different kinds of potatoes, corn, and oodles of other goodies.




Kaylee and her family also gave me and Spenser some Star Wars chopsticks that are way too awesome.

Between the amazing dinner and fantastic company, we all had a wonderful time.

Oh, and I made Kaylee take a shot of Bai Jiu with us for luck. Total number of bai jiu shots for me: 4. Conclusion: Still tastes gross.

2. My family and the girls.

My family is throwing us a fancy engagement/going away party tonight, so expect another blog post about that later, but they have also been fantastic since we’ve been here. My dad even let Spenser set up the drum kit in my sister’s room (HEY MAREK! There’s a drum kit in your old room now!) so he’s been having way too much fun with that.

Spenser drumming

And then look at these babies.

lily DSCN1075

Awwww! Our old foster dogs Lily and Mini were adopted by my parents about a year ago and we’ve been having so much fun playing with them again! They are goofballs. Even Penley has been playing! Actually playing with Lily and Mini! Penley, as most of you already know, is toy-obsessed so the fact that he’s playing with other dogs makes us really happy.

3. The oppressive heat

Many people would disagree that oppressive heat is a “wonderful” thing about Oklahoma but when you moved everything you own into a trailer during one of the hottest and most humid days of a New Orleans summer, you come to really appreciate a dry heat. Seriously, I’ve barely sweated the entire time I’ve been here and that fact alone blows my mind.

4. The Omniplex

Every time we’re back in town, I try to take Spenser to a place I enjoyed when I was little. We’ve been to the OKC Zoo a few times (I like a dry heat, but that dry heat feels more like the Sahara when you’re at the zoo), laser tag, lots of movies, etc. so this time we went to the Oklahoma Science Museum, aka The Omniplex. It was fun but not as fun as it was when I was when I was 8. Nevertheless, Spenser played with some clouds and I got to be an astronaut so I still think the Omniplex was a success.

There are many other great things about Oklahoma that I haven’t taken pictures of yet, but what is the official #1 thing that’s NOT so wonderful about Oklahoma?

The food and drink situation.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many good restaurants in town (the one we’re going to tonight for our engagement party is definitely one of them) and the meatloaf my mother made the other night was to-die-for, but Spenser and I are now fully realizing how spoiled we were in New Orleans when it comes to food. Every burger we eat here is good, but it’s not Company Burger good. All the sandwiches are tasty, but they’re not a Domilise’s Po-Boy tasty. Poblano Grill is fine but it’s not a Juan’s Flying Burrito. We went to this restaurant called The Drum Room for drinks with my sister last week and they made great drinks, but I could only have two because (gasp!) I had to drive home!

The fact that you have to drive everywhere really puts a damper on the amount of fun one is allowed to have on a night out in Oklahoma. Because nothing is within walking distance, you know everyone in the bar with you has to drive (or, if they’re smart, has their sober friend drive) home. That’s a terrifying thought when you’re used to a city where you can walk or take a cab to and from anywhere. I guess I never really noticed this before because I left Oklahoma when I was 19, but I see it everywhere now. I’m so much more worried about the drivers around me at night than I ever was in New Orleans and it’s just scary. The Midwest has many wonderful things, but they need to get this whole drive-everywhere mindset figured out.

Well, that pretty much sums up what we’ve been up to for the past two weeks. We have our fancy party tonight and a dinner with my cousins tomorrow, and then it’s packing time! We leave for Beijing early Thursday morning and we can’t wait!