Woke up this morning really missing our dog, Penley, and his smelly kisses. Instead, I smell way too many weird smells while trying to order my
breakfast in the mornings. Oh, and lots of pee smell. Squatty potties are awful because they constantly smell of pee and poo. They’re not particularly hard
to master, just really smelly. I always laugh when I have to go to the bathroom in the building I teach in, the newest and nicest on campus, and it’s all
marble floors and automatic faucets and a nice squatty potty in the ground. Sigh. Thanks China.

In other news, surprise surprise, I’m sick too. I blame Spenser. He’s feeling loads better but today was my first sick day. It’s all in the throat, lots of
drainage and general “fuzzy head” feeling. The smog doesn’t help. We were walking back from dinner tonight and I noticed there was a little bit of blue
sky above us, but it was mostly just brownish smog causing lots of problems. It’s also crazy humid right now, so you can actually feel all the dirt on your
face after your sweat dries. Super gross. So gross, in fact, that I just finished doing a load of laundry in our shower. We walk around so much and get so
sweaty, and then you eat some spicy food and just sweat some more. Ugh, and sweating with a cold is extra not fun. I drank four gigantic bottles of water
while on campus today to help me feel better, which it did, but it also meant I had to go to the bathroom more and I hate going to the bathroom on
campus so it was an overall not fun day. However, my teaching is going well!

Spenser’s been absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful to have around when making lesson plans. We bounce lesson ideas off of each other all the
time and he’s brilliant at it. If I’m great in the classroom, it’s partly because Spenser can come up with really fantastic ideas to keep kids of every age
group entertained. Oh, and he orders food for me all the time. His Chinese is improving every day and it’s so fun to watch him in his element. He’s also
been helping me A LOT with my tones and I can’t thank him enough.I realize people have so many questions which I promise we’ll answer real soon. Spenser plans to update with a blog post, too (whenever he’s not practicing Chinese). As for now, I’m gonna take my Mucinex and Motrin and go to bed early. This panda needs her sleep!Much, much love to family and friends!

By Adrianna