Hey Guys!

It’s Spenser, the one who neglects the internet. I have no idea at what point Adrianna stopped uploading pictures, so I’m just uploading a huge swath. 


Shenzhen is pretty cool. We’re in a district that is a little smaller and more isolated (smaller and more isolated are pretty relative terms in Shenzhen). Our school is about a five minute walk to a bus stop, and then a maybe ten minute bus ride into a smaller shopping/restaurant area. If we want to go to downtown Shenzhen, it’s about 1:30 on a couple of buses and subways. I don’t mind it; we went downtown the other night and it was everything I don’t really like about big cities, so our little corner of Shenzhen (called Yantian) is pretty good for me. Image


We are still waiting for internet in our rooms. This makes us sad, but we’ve found a coffee shop with wifi and annoyingly expensive everything, so it’s something. The stuff here costs about the same as the stuff in Beijing,  but our school provides us with every meal for free except for Saturday night and Sunday morning (I have no idea why), so once we get on that schedule and have school related things to be doing, we’ll probably be spending significantly less. ImageMy Chinese is improving (yay!), but still pretty slowly. I’m trying to spend between two and three hours on it a day, and maybe a little more if you count conversations with bus riders/waitresses. Speaking of which, the food is very similar to what it is in Beijing. It’ll take some time before we’re really able to find the ideal eating spots, mostly because there are so many. In the little city center by our school there are probably between 30 and 50 different little restaurants of similar but varied fare. We’ll see how the hunt for goodies goes.

We found a grocery store! I had some weird oreos (raspberry/blueberry), and it was nice. We’re still settling in, but we’ve already started to get the hang of how to get around, get what we need, and get out without spending a boat load of money. 

Anyway, I’m going to try and post a bunch of pictures here in a second. Enjoy them, and look forward to hearing more from us in the near future (also, sorry for the long delay between my posts.