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Those of you that follow this blog but do not know Adrianna and I more personally have been missing out on some of the video documentation of our trip. Adrianna’s camera has an option to take short videos before it takes a picture, and we usually edit down the results into a short, 2-3 minute video chronicling some of the things we do in live-action. I call these little videos “Clipvids,” and find them to be pretty entertaining. We’re going to try and start posting them on here as well, but because the WordPress platform suggests we give them money if they want to do video hosting, we’ll be linking in a different manner, the ever popular YouTube.

For example, here we are at lunch the other day, just waiting for our Lanzhou-style pulled noodles:

Please enjoy the results in future blog posts and, so you don’t have to scroll through our old posts if you don’t want to, you can see all of our available clipvids on our YouTube channel.

Watch our exciting adventures.

Watch our exciting adventures.