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My family is one that has traveled long and far. However, as I’m fond of complaining when my mom’s around, most of the traveling was done when I was too young to enjoy it. The last family vacation we took together (outside of the U.S.) was when I was a sophomore in high school to Italy and Germany, and since then, except for some business trips (Susan, my mother, just recently spent time in South Africa–globe trekker!), the Curry/Karrs don’t often fly the coop.

That was all changed this June when, much to my excitement, Susan and Sutton (my brother) hopped on the painfully long flight to Beijing, where they started an extended vacation visiting some of the most important sites in China. Most of this trip was done without me (they saw Beijing, Shanghai, and several other cities along the Yangtze River), but I was able to meet them for their last three or four days in Hong Kong!

They're here!

They’re here!

Yay for hugs

Yay for hugs

We spent most of our time bumming around Hong Kong, but I selfishly insisted that our first dinner be at the supremely par Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, Taco Loco. As much as it isn’t really worth a reunion dinner, Adrianna and I have a constant craving for Mexican food, and it’s one of the few places that can even temporarily satisfy our urges.

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Most of their visit was filled with things I’ve done before, all of which were very fun and worth doing, especially because the weather during their trip was exceptionally beautiful. We went to the Big Buddha in Lantau, ran through the Temple Street Night Market, stopped in the Hong Kong History Museum, the Hong Kong Art Museum, and generally visited most of my favorite places in the city by the bay.

Near the end of their stay, we took them across the border into China for the last time, sat them down at one of our favorite tiny restaurants, and showed them around some of the highlights of our daily life. I gave a brief, impromptu tour of our school campus (including a stop off in our office and dorm room), before forcing them up the mountain for a short trek into the banana plantations behind our house, which are especially breathtaking in the midst of a jungle as concrete as Shenzhen.

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I think I did a pretty good job of keeping Susan and Sutton busy during their stay in South China. We definitely saw some great sights and spent some quality time together, an occurrence that has been especially rare in the last 11 months. I love them both very much, and am overjoyed that they took so much time out of their busy lives to come spend with me. Now, in only a few days, I’ll be back in the states and sharing even more time with them!